As a senior management personnel you may be facing any of the following scenarios:

  • You may be stuck and not be in a position to think what to do to move your business to next level
  • Don’t have anyone at your level to have confidential conversation
  • Have reasons to believe that you have to change and improve
  • You are ready to do something but don’t know what would that something be

ExecutiveIntelligence™ focuses on helping individuals like you to go from where you are now to where you want yourself and your business to be.

We see most senior executives struggle to fulfill not only their responsibilities; equally they are stressed to go through a real time self-learning curve from their work pressured experiences. So as business owners and CEOs operating in such a high pressured business environment you have limited opportunity to devote time and energy to hone and upgrade your skills as leaders of today.

Persona provides skilled executive coaches that work with high potentials and senior managers over an extended period of time to support their transition to the next level of leadership effectiveness.

Post-Workshop Coaching

Our leadership effectiveness programs are normally followed by one on one coaching of the participants by a Persona coach. Participants work on the goals chosen by them during the workshop and have coaching conversations with their coach over 3 months. The coaching helps participants deepen their learning from the workshop as well as internalize new beliefs and behaviors as they work towards achieving their stretch goals.

Our ExecutiveIntelligence™ coaching broadly covers the following coaching aspects:

  • Performance Coaching
  • Board, Team & Group Coaching
  • Individual Crisis Coaching
  • Other Bespoke Coaching Programmes include Internal Coaching Culture, Change Management, High Potentials & Diversity coaching

The distinction that Persona ExecutiveIntelligence™ coaching can add as benefit to you is by means of the following impact. You will be able to act with personal, and business acumen in everything that you do to excel as a leadership brand.

  • HEAR YOUR OWN VOICE – To talk something through and gain perspective
  • SELF Awareness – Perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back
  • DEEPER learnings – About yourself, how you’re perceived, where you can improve
  • TRUTH about you – Cold truth others won’t tell you
  • CLARITY – Values and what you stand for, which leads to greater conviction
  • SHARPEN skills – Communication, delegation, team building, persuasion
  • IDEAS – Ways to improve that you may not see – awareness of blind spots
  • EMOTIONAL support – Empathy, and encouragement – feels less lonely
  • CONFLICT resolution- Third-party moderation for 360-reviews, strategic planning, and conflict management
  • MAKE bold moves – Support and confidence
  • FASTER action – Advancing things faster and with greater precision
  • SMART results – Greater productivity, faster promotions, bigger profits