The crisis management and communication landscape has changed drastically since the advent of social media. Today the crisis managers across all levels of an organization have to ensure that they are confident in using all the latest digital platforms to ensure the right message gets to the right audience, at the right time and are now expected to respond at the speed of light.

Persona’s proprietary crisis coaching module CrisisIntelligence™ is about assessing current vulnerabilities and developing crisis leadership skills to enhance individual and organizational decision making under pressure by embedding robust contingency strategies and tools into an organisation’s culture.The module is designed to build awareness, critical skills and leadership capabilities meant for C’level executive management teams of large organisations to effectively manage a crisis situation within the context of an organisation’s unique environment.

The case study and crisis environment simulation driven on-site coaching/training module will cover the following broad topics of Crisis management.

  • Crisis Management fundamentals
  • Crisis Management plan – Preparedness protocol
  • Personal resilience – The Crisis Leader & Decision Making under stress
  • Crisis Communication – Media & social media management
  • Human Aspects of a Crisis – Stakeholder management
  • Assessing Crisis impacts