PersonaLearn is a Learning and development consulting firm that provides Leadership and Communication coaching services with a focus on Business & Executive coach, Crisis coach, Communication & Media coach modules to business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals. PersonaLearn also focuses on imparting Horizontal leadership as new age thinking for leadership excellence to create new-generation Polyglots.

Persona understands that the current and future industry needs a special talent to face unprecedented disruption that is expected to sweep the job market.  Based on horizontal leadership thinking, Persona in association with JPG-PAC and other partner associates has calibrated to create Polyglots as a new talent concept.  These are a new breed of digital talent who are super resilient and multi-dimensional in skills. They can break the barriers of traditional silos to understand the business environment domain and the digital consumer.

Development of such a new breed of talent with horizontal behaviors and actions that are creatively defined by the power of disruptive thinking is the only way to face the challenges of the fast evaporating job market realities for the future. Persona endeavors to develop the talent of the future for the industry working with the education-industry eco-system. In order to have a robust vision for future the need of the hour is equally about horizontal leaders amongst social business and political leadership. These leaders are again disruptive and multi-dimensional forces risk takers and rule breakers. They can fast embrace any kind of changes or face challenges and even have the ability to create whole new paradigms of future transformation playing the pivotal role of being game changers.  Persona endeavors to create develop position project and communicate the Horizontal Leaders the leaders of future for parties governments and countries.