Shiva MS – Executive Coach (ICF certified)

Shiva is an ICF certified Executive Coach and Behavioral & leadership training solution architect who specializes on the development & implementation of performance enhancement practices through Coaching and Training.


With 17 Years’ experience in leadership and professional development coaching and training space focusing on C-suite Performance coach and Sales coach, he has imparted various Coaching and Training Programs in US, Europe & Asia Pacific region.  Shiva is rated as Best Coach & Trainer for implementing Training Programs, Assessments and Workshops at Entry, Mid & Senior level Employees across Organization. His expertise on learning intervention and ability to understand the coaching and training requirements whether it is “Change”, “Transition” or “Transformation is unmatched.


Shiva has delivered 1400 Training Sessions globally for Fortune 500 companies related to People & Process. He has designed & deployed 60 Programs / Workshops and has the distinction of having deployed Competency Development Plan for Single largest project team size of 2400 employees. He has also successfully created and executed Training roadmap for 50,000 Employees organization on Management & Leadership training.  He has achieved highest “ICDI” (Internal Customer delight index) Score for Training and was associated with organization that won ASTD Award Rank # 1 (Year 2007).

Shiva has mastery, expertise and exposure over a wide range of assessment tools – Cognitive Style Instrument, GROW Coaching Model, Mckinsey Problem Solving Model, Strength Finder – Signature themes, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),Edward de Bono – Six Thinking Hat,8 Dimension, DISC Certified, Chally Assessment, Leadership Assessment & Psychometric Tools, Tri Metrix,360 degree Feedback, Leadership Competency Inventory, Developmental Needs Survey, Customized Survey.


The key accounts that he has handled as part of his coaching and training portfolio assignments include Verizon, Vectorsoft- USA (Dallas, New York), TRW, Mars – UK (Basingstoke, Birmingham), Airbus, SmithKline Beecham GmbH – Germany (Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Buhl ) ,   Satyam Computers – France (Paris), WHO, Nestle,- Switzerland (Geneva, Vevey), Intel, BHP Billiton – Malaysia (KL, Penang) ,  Olympus, AMD, Nityo, BHP Billiton- Singapore (Singapore City),  AMD , KybosTechnica – China (Shanghai, Suzhou),  AMD, KybosTechnica – Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu),  Hewlett Packard, Satyam Computers, Ford, Hyundai, eFunds, TAFE – India.


Shiva is an MS (Education Management), MSc (Psychology) and MBA (International Business) with a Certification Program from IIM-B.

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